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About Amarkantak

About Amarkantak

Amarkantak is the origin of the sacred river Narmada. At an altitude of 3,750 feet in the Satpura-Maikal ranges, Narmada flows and follows path of the sun. She leaps into mountainous paths, dividing the hills into two distinct ranges, i.e. Vindhyachal and Satpura, adoning the whole of central India by dense forests, deep valleys, high cliffs and ranges, glorifying mesmerizing bounties of nature.

The town of Amarkantak is dotted with holy kunds and temples. According to the legend, Lord Shiva blessed Narmada with unique purifying powers. Thus, pilgrims bathe in the holy waters of Narmada to wash away their sins. Narmada is the only river known in the world which has the tradition of Parikrama, called “Pradakshina”.

The sites worth visiting are Sonemuda, Kapil-Dhara & Durga- Dhara Waterfalls, Bhrigu Kamandal, Kabir Chabutara, Mai Ki Bagiya and the Digambar Jain Temple.

There are over24 temples including the famous ancient temple of Devi Narmada and Devi Sati.

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