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Gypsy drives are the best way to experience wildlife as they help us cover large swathe of territory in a relatively short time. The local Forest Department permits entry inside the park from sunrise till 10.30 am and then from late afternoon until sunset. We organize safaris for our guests, accompanied with and expert naturalist, to experience the thrill of tracking wildlife through calls, checking favoured resting and feeding spots and traversing a range of habitats.

Sal Valley Safari
Sal Valley Nature walk

Nature walk

You cannot explore the wild if you miss interacting with the tall trees which shield the jungle from the sharp rays of the sun or the little shrubs that help the animals camouflage and hide. A visit to the jungle is complete only when you have befriended the flowers that embalm the wild with their fragrance and the fruits that birds munch on to calm their hunger.

We at Sal Valley encourage our guests to talk to nature and experience is serenity and virginity in its best form. We organize Nature walks with an expert naturalist for our guests in the buffer zone of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve early in the morning. Exploring the flora in absolute wilderness not only acquaints you to the various species of trees, shrubs and grasses but also helps you know about the various medicinal properties they possess. We believe that appreciating the wild in its true habitat is the first step towards conservation.

Tribal Dance

Achanakmar is surrounded by one of the most primitive tribes known as the ‘Baiga’. In today’s time when urbanity is advancing its influence in remote pockets of the world, the primitive Baiga culture is still alive. A unique part of their culture is the tradition of singing and dancing on festivals and ceremonies, which is called ‘Karma’. We organize the Karma Dance for our guests on demand if they wish to witness the unexplored Baiga culture.

Amarkantak Tribal Dance
Sal Valley Bird watching

Bird watching

Bird watching is one of the most important parts of nature trail. A getaway to the wild is incomplete until you’ve been mesmerized by the cry of the Peacock, whistled with the melody of the Hawk Cuckoo and tapped feet to the song of the Racket-tailed Drongo. Achanakmar, which is home to about 170 species of birds, invites you to get enchanted by the beauty of the Golden Oriole, the Paradise Flycatcher, the Scarlet Minivet and many more. We at Sal Valley encourage our guests to interact with the birds of the region with our experienced naturalist.

4x4 Adventure Drive

The High Hills of Central India have driven us to invite our guests to a thrilling experience to explore the unexplored Satpura –Maikal ranges. This adventurous getaway will offer our guests a chance to truly understand the secret ways of the jungle, to appreciate working of its innermost recesses and to track and interpret the signs the wildlife leaves through the forests. They will witness the magic of wildlife in its truest form and will also be a part of amazing indigenous tribal culture of Baigas and visit virgin and exotic locales.

Sal Valley 4x4 Adventure Drive
Sal Valley Exclusive Wildlife Drive and Trekking

Exclusive Wildlife Drive and Trekking

We have designed this exclusive drive and trekking for wildlifers and trekking enthusiasts. It’s a full day excursion out of park for only two persons at a time. The excursion is conducted early in the morning till sunset.

Experience the joy of nature with sal valley's thrilling outdoor activities such as :

  • Rock climbing.
  • Open gypsy drive!
  • Waterfall visit.
  • Sightseeing.
  • Trekking.
  • Guided jungle safari.
  • Amarkantak tour & local village walk to know about the tradition & culture.
  • About the local area & much more.
  • Our qualified adventure team guidance will offer a peek into the wilderness & ensure a once in a lifetime holiday.
Sal Valley 4x4 Adventure Drive

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